Best boxes of 2021?

I have a z8 pro.

Looking to get a second box. I’m not getting a nvidia box yet. Looking for recommendations.

Forumler z10 is out and on my list.

Looking for speed storage and ram.

Hello @TP-Dracoo I really like this box. I like it a lot better than the Formuler. This is meant for IPTV. If you use Netflix, Prime, etc. I would suggest the Shield BuzzTV XRS 4900 Review - IPTV Android TV Box

Thanks, very good box indeed. Thanks.

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Try the mecool km9 4/32g

I actually looking into it.

It’s on my list. There is a km7 out now.

My provider wants to sell me a z10pro for 200 cash. Lol.

I think I will save the big bucks for when I replace my TV with a 4k.

For now just get a cheaper one for my crappy 1080p bedroom TV.

You can get them cheaper from the formular website

I don’t think so.

230 plus on Amazon. Canadian prices btw.

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That’s American. With taxes and shipping it be more.

Lol, I appreciate it. But I think I’m good. More suggestions welcome. When my new TV comes in I may upgrade to something fancy.

Buzz 4900
Z10 pro
Nvidia shield
Fire stick

Good list.

Yes, i noticed the Canadian mention lol. I just shipped a km9 to Canada from the US and it cost almost what a Pay wholesale for the device lol.

Honestly, for a cheap device you’re putting on a secondary tv, get a firestick. Nothing wrong with them.

Firestick is good and if you are looking for more storage you can’t go wrong with the T95Z Plus Boxes. I’ve got 2 of them. Reasonably priced and they are all over amazon

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