Best app for watching live football games

I’m looking for the best app to watch live football games, specifically national football. Any input would be great

Ola TV app is the best. If you’re already familiar with the ola TV app, Search for the channel it is on, select your nearest city of your team, make sure it works, then save as favorite. The favorites save in the Kshaw app. Make sure you have multiple saved favorites of each channel because the server might be down from one week to the next. But out of the two or three apps you saved you’ll definitely be able to watch your game each week. This is the second season it’s been working for me perfectly. Video quality is always really good.

The biggest problem with Ola is going through dozens and dozens of servers, you have no idea where they’re located, to find one that might have a channel you’re looking for only to get the annoying “source error”. Then spending hours trying to find a vpn location to access them and having to clear Data between each try to clear the damn source error. It’s free but very frustrating. I spent hours writing down each server and what they have, that I could use, only to find the best one disappear the next day. Now without the moded apk the commercials are never ending. It’s ok to play around with but not to rely on.
For nfl and sports I use the Silk browser and go to sites like or for all my sports.

This may be a silly question but Do i access these thru a Kodi add on? Or do i open a browser on my fire tv? Would my vpn interfere with accessing the content? #ImAnewbie

Agree @Miki, @Nesbyhurt - however, once I figured out how to save these to the Kshaw app I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I needed to download the mouse app and use that to save to favorites by clicking the little star in the top right of each channel. But after that it’s smooth sailing. you do have to save a channel, of a certain city, a few times just in case you do get the ‘source code error’ on one…then you can go to the other. But this season and last season I’ve had no issues! Kshaw app is a MUST when using ola TV. Hope this helps

I use kshaw and tried saving the channels but for me if I don’t clear the data, which removes the saved channels, I get a " source error" after every use.

best apps rising tides or LA Deports(modded version)

Sorry I should have been more forthcoming with info. I’m using a firestick 4k and have the silk browser installed. So I open the web browser, type in the url and away I go. Now once there you do have to learn certain methods to access the stream. For example > todays trending events > tennis:atp/wta > click “watch” not HD or you will be asked to sign up > in this window to the right of “stream Tennis Channel Live in HD” is a little x click that > then click the big arrow > go to the bottom right of the stream and click the two arrows to get full screen and that’s it.

I’m in lanzarote and the bars are using dstv I’ve looked on line and there is an app has anyone used it it says it’s subscribed but people saying you can get it free

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