Best app for live US Sports

Forgive me if I am not asking this in the correct place, but I have kodi 18.9.
What app or build has the best Live Sports . Football; Baseball.

I am thinking of upgrading from Firestick 2nd gen to the new release coming out next month. Firestick 4K Max.
What do you guys think?

Thanks redsox97

I have a select couple of apps that I use outside of Kodi that I really like a lot and have great experience with. I can recommend them if you’re interested. But if you’re speaking of what kodi build to use within Kodi, I would recommend the Xenon build. I personally think it’s one of the top builds out there and it’s my personal favorite kodi build. I have great experience with it. Everything seems to work smoothly and flawlessly, including the sports section! And the access to everything is pretty straightforward. :+1:


Thanks Hotrod for that info.
What’s your opinion on upgrading to the Firestick 4K max? :jack_o_lantern:

You’re welcome, Redsox. :+1:

From what I understand, the new Amazon stick is supposed to have a little more hard drive space built in than the others. And I know it has added shortcut buttons on the remote for Hulu and Disney Plus and Prime… besides the normal Netflix button you often see on other devices. So that could be a little added plus if you use those services. But the main thing that really caught my interest is that it’s supposed to have the WiFi 6 technology! Being an owner of a computer business for over 25 years and having to keep up on research on the new technologies that come out, I know what that WiFi 6 means. If you have a modem with the same WiFi technology, it will help ensure a faster streaming experience! For that reason, I am probably going to get myself one to check out. It’s definitely got my curiosity! :grin:

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