Best APK's for live TV and Sports

I’m here in Belize and JC Media is no longer working. Would like recommendations that are stable with access to NFL games.

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It seems that all our free iptv apps for sports are disappearing. I tested 35 apps yesterday and not one worked. Even using the silk browser and entering my fav sites like sportsbay they’re all gone. Took me several hours to find some stable and good links.

Try It has goid sports coveragw

Do you mean It’s been taken over by Amazon and as of yesterday still does not have any live sports listings.

Your link takes me to a ton of crap and countless clicks later still no sports. Much better off with Silk browser and

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Yes sports channels, not “live” sports like it use to have under the “hamburger” on the top left. Channels are easy to find, but much harder to find a complete days “live” listings.

There are very few stable free apps when it comes to live sports feed. They tend to come and go, buffer a fair bit at the wrong moment. I prefer a paid service but you can try Ocean Streamz. Right not it seems very stable. Downloader code I think is 80306

I use Kodi and either The Crew addon or the Endzone addon for NFL games. I watch every weekend and have no problems.


I have many url’s that I have bookmarked in the Silk browser. I have 3 that don’t buffer and from the NFL, NHL to the Ryder cup, I never miss a second of the live stream.

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I don’t use an IPTV so get my live TV from HD antenna. Otherwise, for special events, The Crew has been working well for NFL games and some other sports. SportSurge and Crackstream are spotty and work off and on so I haven’t found them to be too reliable.

Hi Miki, you sound brilliant, I’m a newbie, in Calgary who winters in PV too. Would you please share your NHL & NFL links. I’ve been trying for days - ever since JC Media (formerly SportzTV) went offline. Your help is so appreciated Stormeb I use iCloud for email is fine. Unfortunately the quality of the streams has gone down dramatically this year. Try TVTap.

Livenettv isn’t the same since Amazon took it over. No more live “events” was enough for me to delete it.

If you don’t have Kodi, get it
For free sports use Mad Titan addon. The troypoint website has incredible tutorials that will walk you step by step during installation and now of course, this forum for assistance.
Mad Titan has live tv as well but unsure if any channels in Belize.

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SportHD addon also very good for the rugby watchers.

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