Best apk that works with Surfshark?

I have Surfshark vpn but Cinema won’t work with it. Any ideas? I’m not computer savvy, so please don’t get technical. I am smart enough to load and all that other stuff, but even though I am familiar with the terms, I am in the process of learning what everything means. Thanks.

Hey @Pfos38 Pretty sure Cinema is the culprit, not Surfshark…I’ve read a lot of posts complaining about Cinema lately. May I suggest you try another app…there are plenty on Unlinked library code 12341234. It’s the IPTV Super Store…just click on the Super Store icon & you can scroll thru different categories to find what you’re looking for. GL2U


I actually use syncler. Cinema has been messed up for a while. I read in another post that Surfshark won’t work with syncler (by choice I think) I also could use clarification on how to exactly get to Unlinked. Thanks for replying.

I have surfshark with syncler and no probs.

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Hey P…

Its in TP rapid app installr…(& youll need 12341234 code to install superstore)
If u don’t hv TP RAI here it is…

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I have been using Surfshark for almost 2 years, no probs with Syncler, Cinema, Kodi and i’m in the UK and connect to the good 'ol US of A :heart_eyes:


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