Benefits of vod

I do really know the advantage of VOD, but wanted to know how far back certain TV shows you can get. I was especially interested in shows from Great Britain and Australia. On KODI I can find the shows and bring them up for info and go back to Season 1 Ep 1. However I get nothing or they will play with very bad buffering. I thought having an IPTV with VOD would solve this problem Yes or No? Thanks

IMO KODI/Streamio is the way to go with VOD. I think you will find a wider selection of content. While my IPTV service has a wide array of VOD layed out in NFLX like tiles I really only use IPTV for Live News and Sports. I prefer all my VOD shows/movies on KODI for a number of reasons and the integration with Trakt

Through my experience watching a lot of TV shows between my iptv service which I got one of the better ones, streamio, and on stream both on stream and stremio have a lot better picture than video from IPTV provider. IPTV has 1920 at 500 give more less to take. The stremio of course is whatever feed your internet service mbs is, 4k thru 480p. The on-stream does not indicate what rate is the pic is however it’s just as good or if not better than the stremio. My experience you never get top quality picture from your IPTV VDO.

When you’re trying to stream an older movie or show it could be a hit mess between which provider will have it. I’ve had times where my IPTV provider actually had the feed and stremio did not have it that includes KODI.

I’m going with my all time fave Stremio especially with the addon that lets your system scrape stuff from a long time ago. Don’t forget though, just cause you can find it doesn’t mean there are ppl distributing it. Often it depends on the popularity of the series. There are often free apps that focus on this sort of content and maybe better for you. Old TV-Retro Series for example, or BritBox for UK.

Mostly trying to look at past seasons of series. My wife is more concerned about being able to go back to season 1 of Baking Championships on FoodNetwork and go forward on other seasons. Movies and regular TV shows not so much. You can with YouTubeTV. I.m trying to restrict this to my IPTV and not on my KODI or other APKs for ease of use for her. Thanks

It could depending on your provider. Some will take requests for shows you want and some won’t. For ease of use I’d suggest using a Plex/emby share or if your a real debrid user you could download these hard to find shows yourself if you find them available somewhere.

Can you give specifics on that show? I’m coming up with kids banking championship Christmas baking championship all kinds of banking championship. But nothing that just says baking championship

Sorry so late. There are many Baking Championship shows like, Holiday, Halloween and such. For example the Holiday Baking one has 9 seasons. So not sure if VOD has them all. They do show up on my YouTubeTV so I know they are out there. I consider YT as an IPTV , just better quality

I just did a search in The Crew on KODI for Holiday Baking Championships. Came back with 10 Seasons (Season 10 current season). I tested Season 1 Episode 1 and was able to get playable RD 720P sources as well as Season 10 Episode 1 with lots of RD 1080P sources. Now you are going to have less sources the farther back you go but all you need is one to work. I do have Real Debrid as well


So was your original question the benefits of VOD on its own over live play or the benefits of VOD on IPTV compared to other apps?

I ran the same experiment as @MarkxG in Stremio with the same results. 10 Seasons and lots of sources to watch. I also have RD installed. Looks like there are a number of options for the OP.

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