BeeTv video player

I want to be able to use MXPlayer as default but there appears to be no option in the settings to change the default player and it forces me to install and use Titan Video player.
Any help around this please.

Welcome @Mouflon if you go into settings and select external player, it automatically plays with Mx Player even though it doesn’t say it. Hope this helps

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Hey M…

Theyre may be diffrnt Bee Vers & device probly matters, cuz my Bee v3.1.6 lost that ability to use MX too, a cpl updates bck, even with extrnal turned on… had been using it forever (seems to be a trend with apk’s)
I’m runnin os11

If u want to still use MX youll hv to copy & paste

If u go into Bee play action/settings & set it to “None”
Then when you go to ply a link it will promt to play or copy to clipboard

Clik Copy, then go to MX…
Network Streams…
It should “paste” automatically, then clik & watch (soundz like alot but just a few extra clix)

Can also use a dwnldr & watch on MX while it dwnlds with no buffng
(but youll need space & an app for that)

For now, just a cpl ways around their restrictions, hope its temporary



If it’s of any help, I’ve been using the Titan Player with BeeTV for several months now, and I love it. Bee has never run as smoothly for us as it has been since adding Titan. There have also been times where it was able to find closed captions for me when the Bee app itself could not. Hope this helps somebody! :grinning: BTW - we’re running a 2nd Gen Fire Cube.

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Thank you for the info, we’re always looking for new information about an apps functionality

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