Beetv is squished in the center of my screen

only beetv has this squished appearance. My other apps are fine. beetv is not usable at this point.
Thank you to someone,

sounds like the wrong version or one made for phones

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What device is it on? BeeTV for Android is at 3.1.7, so check your version. As TX said, you have the wrong one for your Device or O.S.

The device is firestick 4k. I installed it per Troy using Downloader with
url the version is 3.1.7.
Sorry, I should have put that info in mt post.

I have a Max and just uninstalled my ad free and installed the “official” app using the link you provided. It works perfectly. So I would uninstall it and try reinstalling it. Sorry I don’t have any explanation for the “Squashed” appearance. As Ron said, that’s usually an incompatible app for your OS.

Miki Ihave uninstalled and reinstalled beetv three times. But still have the same problem. I keep thinking it’s
something on my fire stick. But it’s the only problem I’m aware of.

Got it !!!
full screen format button bottom right. Someone (me) selected “squished” screen mode :slight_smile:

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lol. Perfect. Mark your answer as the solution so @TP-Dracoo can close the thread.
Have fun and STREAM ON.

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