BeeTV - Ads after update

Sunday 8/28 BeeTV had an update so I installed it. After that the ads became obnoxious. It used to be that an ad would pop up, I could hit back & it would go away & not bother me.

After this update, I had no choice but to sit through the entire ad, then back wouldn’t work. regardless of what ad it was, I was forced to proceed as if I was going to download & install it, even if I didn’t & then come back into the app.

I just started it again & it had another update. Did not mention ads but did mention bug fixes. This app had become one of my favorites besides CinemaHD but if it keeps doing this, it will get uninstalled.

Update: No, it’s the same. It actually started what looked like a game screen that had to play to the end & then there was no way out. The only way I could find to get rid of it was to go to manage Installed Apps, pick BeeTV and force stop.

This is a hard no for me.

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Get the App from Apktime store it works.

Thanks for the tip. I installed from there today, will see how it goes.

You could sign up for a free next dns account at and side load the apk for next dns and it will remove adds I confirm it working on my Firestick

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