Bee tv, using MX player no sound

How to get sound using MX player from your channel. How to get the sound to play

Welcome! Maybe provide a little more information as to device you’re using. I personally don’t use it but there are folks here that do so I’m sure you’ll get the help needed. Enjoy your stay!

You can mess around with the codec (“settings”) but I’ve had several times this happened and ended up just switching to VLC player.


I usually make sure it’s set on H+ instead of H

This, you need it on h+ and have the full codecs.

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BeeTV has it’s own video player called Titan Player

Not sure about the OP but I have MX Player installed on my Nvidia Pro along with BeeTV. When I start to play a file it asks me to choose a player. Though it is installed on the unit it never comes up as a choice so I am left with the default player.

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I will keep to myself in the future and just learn thru the articles.