BBC IPlayer not working on Firestick with IPVanish

I am located in Ontario, Canada and BBC IPlayer is not working on Firestick with IPVanish. I’ve tried various locations and protocols. It is supposedly a big selling feature of IPVanish

I know this may sound like a silly question but have you gone into IPV and chosen a server location in the UK? Try a few. One should work.

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I never got it working for me. I use IPV also. I finally just gave up. Good luck I hope you find an answer. I will be watching to see.

I live in the UK and iPlayer needs to have a UK based server I believe.

That’s part of the reason to have a VPN.

There is a work around. If you Google bbc iplayer, open it and in the top right hand corner, there are 3 dots. I used duck duck go or Firefox.

Click on the 3 dots and then click on " save to homepage". This will provide you with a shortcut. BUT, you will still need to have a vpn to uk server enabled to watch it and a UK postcode. If you don’t have a UK postcode, just Google " how to get bbc iplayer outside uk"

That will tell you how to obtain/enter a UK postcode for bbc iplayer.

Once you open the link for your shortcut, click on the icon to obtain full screen.

Hope that works for you.

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I live in UK and I managed to made it work for my family & friends that living outside UK.
Basically it’s quite simple, BBC iPlayer like HBO Max and other few apps that checking if you in UK or USA relatively doesn’t really need you to have an active VPN connection to the those countries, they using method that verify your location via the DNS servers you use in your internet connection setting.
I’m paid member of a service called Strong DNS that for the other website it’s enough for them to use just a VPN and in their case it’s called Strong VPN.

It’s a bit of a hassel to change each time.your DNS servers for your WiFi connection or Network Adapter in the Android Box or any Smart Device so you can find lots of free apps that you put those DNS servers permanently and those app will make sure your DNS servers will be the one you mentioned.

Good Luck.

The BBC and other major broadcasters and streaming services have found a way to recognize and geo-block many VPN connections, IP Vanish included. The most reliable way to have continuous access to the BBC iPlayer and other similar streaming apps, is to subscribe to a smart DNS proxy service for a few dollars per month. The setup is a bit complicated, but if you follow the online instructions on how to set up the DNS servers on your device(s), you’ll be able to access geo-blocked streams in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and elsewhere without using a VPN. BTW, if you setup the DNS servers on your router, you won’t have to set up the DNS on each of your devices.

Hope this helps.



In theory yes, dns servers was a good way to acces locked and geo locked service, however Amazon, Netflix and others have started cracking down on dns server changes. Don’t be surprised if this way randomly stops, you also have to continuously keep up the dns, once it changes boom.

It’s a good practice and somewhat still works, but I know for a fact Netflix cracks down on it.

Proxie server
Dns change
Ip change

That’s a start.

But subscription based service is now location locking based on payment method.

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Thanks for your input. I went down that route of paid Dns and it kept changing too many times in a week and drove me nuts.
Then I tried the dns offered by my vpn company…same issue.

I only realised that the Dns had changed when I couldn’t get bbc to open.

So, I just reverted to using my Vpn and so far it’s been fine for the past couple of years.

But at least your options provide alternative methods of accessing these sites.

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