Balandro Addon .. lost xenon build

Now that the Xenin build is gone how do I download all the Spanish Addons like Alfa , Balandro etc … none of them work on the Superman build… I’ve tried 5 builds and I lost my xenon build … because Jodi didn’t open up
so i tried to reset Kodi and add diggz, I had no idea it was gone what a bummer and i didn’t back it up … I’m so sad . Does anyone know where I can watch Spanish series

If you update to kodi 21 RC2 in Downloader and DL the Chef Omega wizard (same url) you should be able to get Diggz Xenon 2. As far as i know the wizard is still operational. Http://

I believe it is basically the same build with a different look. I am not using that version so i cant say if the Spanish addons are there. But id take a chance that they are.

Thats the closest i can get you to the original Diggz xenon for now.

Oh my goodness I’ve been trying everything since this morning . Thank you so very much … I have real debris and I also have all debris so hopefully this will work. Thank you so much. I will post an update as soon as it finishes. Downloading to let you know if it works.

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It worked I was able to get Alfa and Balandro back my two favorite … for Turkish series dubbed in Spanish

Good to hear! Enjoy!

Let me know how you like the Xenon 2 build.

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It’s not so bad after you add the Addons you want but I have real debris and all debris so that makes a big difference . Thank you so much :blush:

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