Background Apps and Process List

Lately, in the past several weeks, when I click on Background Apps and Process List I am getting some ads pop up now and then. Doesn’t happen all the time, but I am curious why and where these ads are coming from? BA &PL is free and I don’t think they ever had an ad based app?

I just wonder if the ads are coming from Background App or are they coming from an app that Background is trying to close?

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Hey @Powerfader
I used mine this morning to close out yesterdays activity, I had nothing out of the ordinary happen. Very curious what’s going on.

Have you scanned your device for adware?. My 4K 1st gen doesn’t do that.

Same here…not sure why. If you figure out what is causing it let us know.

I wonder if it is an app that is loaded onto the Backgrond app that is doing the ads, or if it is the Background app itself?

I will uninstall the Background app and the re-install it.

The issue could also be that I have been doing a hell of a lot of downloading lately from 3rd party site.

I will run the Norton Deep Eraser and see what happens, but IMHO, Norton pretty much sucks!

Keep us posted. I’m curious what you did to get it resolved. I’ll tell you of a recent experience I had, and I’m saying this with all respect to @Miki because he is able to get Ola TV along with Kshaw and Ludio to work for him, which is great, but I tried out Ola TV along with the two players mentioned above. I download the ad-free version, I even got it to work. Problem for me was, I kept getting annoying pop-up ads about every 1 hour apart. It was so frustrating, because I extremely dislike any thing to disrupt my streaming experience. The only way to completely get rid of the pop-up after force stop and clearing cache multiple times, was to do a complete factory reset and install everything again. It was a pain, but I no longer have the pop-up ad issue anymore either.

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Odd because using the 3 ad free mods I don’t have that issue. This highlights the facr that thete simply isn’t any single fix or app that works for everyone.

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I did the same and the constant pop-ups and ads made the whole experience awful. Not to mention that I had absolutely no clue what was behind door #1, #2, or #3. It was a crapshoot! A lot of the time I got an error message. Besides the fact I had to to download 3 apps just to use OLA in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong. When eventually I would actually get something to play. it played well! But most of the time it was a seek and destroy operation!!!

Besides, I didn’t see anything useful about the player apps. In fact, other than just playing the selected show. Those apps were totally worthless to me.

I have over 50K channels at my disposal within my Tivimate app alone of which I probably use about 150 channels!. All these freebie apps are for emergency use only. I have at least 24 apps I can use, but usually do not. Why? Because I have 2 pd iptvs and another 8 free urls I use for 98% of my viewing needs without ever leaving the Tivimate app. Sometrimes (rarely) I will use Syncler, Cinema, USA 247, IMDb. peacock, tubi, CW, etc… Why, because I have all, or most, of that already contained within my Tivimate app!


The only thing that will restart and run after killing it would be system background process… you dont want to shut those down anyway.

But id advise scanning for malware and ad-ware. What are the name of those background process? i can research them for you. its similar to when you click on a link on your phone and you get random chrome pop ups its malware or ad-ware installed and running like a operating system process.

Oh it’s true. This is not the setup for the meak or those without time to learn. Took me about 4 days to go through each and every server and what’s inside each one. Wasn’t to long and I saw a pattern and could soon determine by simply opening a server whether it would serve my needs. End of crapshoot. Then going to various forums I soon discovered precise techniques to overcome the most day to day issues like the no source popup. After those 4 days it’s been perfect for me. No it isn’t simply a point and shoot app, but for me it works exceptionally well.

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I agree, but i did run the virus scan and it came up empty. This quirk has only surfaced in the last couple of weeks. It more of an irritant to me than anything else.

I wonder if one of those github urls I installed had a passenger attached to them?

I will separate them and run a scan on each one individually.


It’s also possible that amazon is running stuff in the background. What are the name of the tasks running?

i don’t use Amazon, except for Prime video.


What are the names of the background apps you cant kill that keep popping up?

no, they all kill. it’s just when I click on the app, occasionally an ad will pop up. Al, I do is hit the back button until they are gone and then proceed as normal.

like I said, this is a random occurrence, but I see no rhyme nor reason to it.

Ohhhh, i misunderstood.

I thought it was a add and the process wasn’t killing as well. My bad.

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