Background apps an prcess list

When trying to download on firestick it goes to queued an stays there frozen wont let my download

Out if storage space?

Got 241gb of 535gb available an its the same with analita wont let me download just say queued

Where you downloading from? The Amazon app store?

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Yes i was trying from amazon app store

Have you tried restarting your firestick?

Ya i have restarted firestick an unplug router still the same


Is your firestick using the TV as power or plugged into a wall outlet?

Tv as power plug into a extension cord to wall i was able to download ip vanish cinema kodi real debrid but wont let me download BAAPL an Analiti

I believe he is asking, do you have your FS usb plugged into your TV’s usb slot as the streaming device’s power source. If so, the power may be too low to accommodate running the FS properly. If that is the case plug your FS power cord into a wall outlet and then try downloading again.


Yes it is in tv from appstore

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