Awesome Kodi Skin

The MQ7 mod is the best and most configuralble skin I have ever installed It’s not a build Just a terriffic skin You must install your own repos /addons You can find it with instructions in the Kodi Forum Skin/Aeon/MQ7 . Latts repo and marcel veldts beta are rquired to install. I prefer to load all of the repos I use and addons. preinstall all prequisites in the basic Kodi Skin 1st. then the skin loads very fast. On a new build using a windows computer I start with a freshh install of Kodi On and android device maybe you want to just clear data and cache in the apk or fresh install It’s your choice

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Thank you for letting us know.

I have a few skins I used to use. I’m not a big build fan to be honest.

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