AV1 VIDEO CODEC for streaming

i want to stream a movie or a tv show, and i want to get the best picture and the best sound possible.

i reaad something about the AV1 VIDEO CODEC, saying provides much better quality per bit than AVC (H.264) and HEVC(H265).

i currently have a shield (2017) and a 4K max firestick.

using kodi 19.4

how do i install this AV1 VIDEO CODEC?

will this codec give me better quallity streams for picture and sound?

what are y our thooughts?

You dont, the max supports it. Any box ghat supports av1 will play it.

Otherwise you need a good player, just player supports it.

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Av1 is the latest standard and as already stated is dependant on the os(android 11/amlogic)…etc. Nothing you can do to get it unless the box supports it.

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