Autostart add-on in Kodi

Partymode is an add-on for Kodi that will automatically launch one of your other add-ons you’ve selected as a favorite every time you open Kodi. Here’s how to set it up:

First, decide which add-on you want to auto launch.

Go into Kodi settings > Add-ons > My add-ons > Video add-ons (or whatever category your preferred add-on falls under)
Find the add-on you want and long press the select/okay button to bring up a menu. Click Add to favorites.

Now you need to install partymode. Luckily it is already in the Kodi repository, so you don’t need to add any new sources or anything like that.

Kodi settings > add-ons > install from repository > kodi add-on repository > services > partymode autostart

After you’ve installed it, click on it and then go to configure. Enable it, change the delay to zero, then go down to “run favorites”. Hit select from favorites. The add-on you previously marked as a favorite should be there so you can select it. Don’t forget to hit okay on the right before you close out. Now force close Kodi and open it back up again. The add-on you selected should automatically open.



Great guide for this feature.

Thank you for making it. I’m sure it will help others.

I have used this but when I reinstalled kodi I started saving shows to my favorites.

This is a fantastic feature.

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@Jayhawks659. Hi…I installed kodi 19.3 from TP RAI. All went well. Installed The Crew and changed all the settings as per video.
I went to install partymode. It said error…No matching songs in library. I also, under services in the Kodi Repository tried to install My episodes to keep track. I also got the same… error. Both partymode and my episodes gave the option to un-install so I did and did a force stop on Kodi …tried again for partymode and my episodes with no luck. Any idea what I may be doing wrong. Below is what I did:
Kodi settings > add-ons > install from repository > kodi add-on repository > services > partymode autostart.

No clue. Maybe it’s an error with 19.3. Try installing an older version of Kodi with one of the forks in RAI and see if you get the same error when installing partymode. I’m still running 19.1


If that doesn’t work you can always save your shows and movies as favorites and just go to your favorites.

Won’t be able to auto launch to favorites if the add-on won’t even download. But partymode only saves a few extra clicks. It’s not mandatory.

I will install Troypoint fork and let you know. Thanks. And your video is great.

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