AutoComplete addon?

Well, I searched here and elsewhere, and I can’t seem to find an addon that works for 19.5 or 20 fork. DiamondInfo_Mod still appears to have a valid repo address, but it’s either dead (to be clear, it installs, but has no content to install), or I’m missing something.
Searching a title by typing the entire string is not the end of the world, but it is tedious compared to autocomplete.
Also, regarding the Google ban on AC sounds like it only addresses web searches–Duck Duck Go returns the usual and expected populated page, But then so does Google, albeit somewhat different results.
Anyone know if there is a standalone, and if so, am I just an Idiot?
Thanks, Mike

9Lives KODI Addon has been running flawlessly for several months

Yeah, Thanks Mark, I already have that Addon. Like all the rest, when doing a search you have to type in at least part of the title, unlike the “autocomplete” that would display likely choices above the entry box that would change with each additional character, and display something like 6 or 9 or however many possible titles until the one you wanted appeared, and then you could cursor up and pick the one you want.
Since doing reloads on all my devices, those options disappeared–maybe they were powered by Google and that’s why, but for some reason I thought there was an addon that you could install that would perform that task across all installed addons.
Thanks for the response–9Lives is a good addon, one of a few “Go-To’s” for me.

You need to install a program addon within the official kodi repository.

Go to the official kodi repository that should be preinstalled on all kodi versions. Look under program addons for an addon called AutoCompletion for virtual keyboard

Install it and enjoy searching for things a little easier

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Thanks, I should have responded a few hours ago–I found it under “henryjfry” repo. For some reason I can’t figure out how to locate it via the official Kodi repo with 19.5, But since I installed from the repo above All’s Happy Again!
I was engaged in “Insomniac Theater” last night (my phraseology–unless I stole it and didn’t know it!) and then I slept in…
Thanks for the response, I’m probably just suffering from “brain fade”, but at least I have a working AutoComplete again!

Regards, Mike