Auto Cache cleaner?

Any thoughts on an auto Cache cleaner?? A friend mentioned something called Clean Master, it’s a freebie, he’s been using once a week and says works pretty good. Any thoughts, recommendations on a tool that’ll clean all the app’s instead of having to do each individually??..

Clean Master good. Depends what device you’re on but best on Fire devices. Shield has an area to clean all cache.

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Cleanmaster is easy to use. You’ll need to activate it each time you need it. The only way to get a memory cleaner automatically when you boot up you device that I’m aware of is the ones that come preinstalled on some android box launchers but you have to use the existing launchers rather than install your preferred launcher. I prefer my own launcher but that’s just me.

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I use Clean Master. It is quick, easy, and does get rid of junk, cache, apk files. I use it on Fire devices. I found it on:
FileLinked, code 46146770.
The proof that it works: After installing it, do not start it, but open up the Fire devices settings, then “applications”, then go to “manage installed applications”, but dont click on it. To the right, you will see your internal space. Right now mine reads 3.05 GB of 5.57 GB available. Now, open Clean Master and run through the cleaning (about 10-15 seconds). After you have boosted to 100%, go back and re-check your internal space. Where I did have only 3.05GB available of the 5.7GB available, I now have 3.72 GB available. I gained .67GB of available space. That is 2/3 GB I have gained by cleaning junk. However, I clean mine almost everyday. If I did it once a week, the results would be greater, because there will be more junk to clean. Hope this helps.

I have been trying for ages to get a copy of CleanMaster - a brilliant little app -on a new FireTV stick 4K but without success. I have it on two existing Fire TV boxes but can’t get it on the Firestick. I’ve had several contributors try to help me by suggesting new sources and one who even walked me through how to copy the app from one of Fire TV boxes and copy it onto the Firestick. On each occasion I have tried, the app installs no problem but as soon as I run it, it starts up and then abruptly stops running. I have tried your suggestion using the FieLink code as above and exactly the same thing happens. It downloads, installs and when I try to run it, it starts then simply shuts down. It must be something I’m doing or not having a setting right because several people, including yourself have talked me through it and I keep getting the same result. So frustrating.

Thanks folks for your input. I’ve read that the freebie version only runs on early version fire tv/sticks.
So in my situation, I downloaded from the above link and found that it runs on my Gen2 tv, but not on 4K sticks or built in on tv. Bought the $1.99 app and seems to do what’s intended.


I read here somewhere that it is a spyware program. So I now use SD Maid

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I’m curious how you manage to get that much free space on your FTV. I have rarely achieved more than 2Gb free. I dont consider myself to have an over abundance of apps, and all the ones that can be moved to SD card, have been.
I also use Clean Master and make sure all apps are cache clear.
How many apps do you currently have on internal? I would guess off-hand that I have aprox 20, and most are either on SD card or in the cloud.

In my apps, I have TPK and Streams 4 Us as my IPTVs. I also have Cinema and Cinema beta and Titanium as my movie apps. I have IMDB, YouTube and Netflix. Then I have Silk Browser, Downloader, FileLinked and mouse toggle. I even figured out a way to get Send Anywhere app on there. I deleted Kodi, it takes up too much space. Windscribe is my free VPN. I force stopped Amazons music, photos and videos. ES is in the clouds. Whenever I need it, I open it and all my files and info are still there. Spotify is in the clouds until I want to use it. The settings and music is still there. This morning, I had 3.32 of 5.94 GB available. I then ran Clean Master. I now have 3.80 of 5.94 GB available. I send nothing to outside storage, such as an SD card.

I forgot, any built in apps from Amazon that I dont use, and that is basically all of them, I force stop them, unless I want to use it, then I’ll open it. And always force stop when done.

When I got into streaming, I bought a firestick. I quickly discovered the storage was extremely limited and you can’t get rid of Amazon’s proprietary apps. Because of those 2 issues, you’ll always have very limited memory even if you force close those apps. I have since moved on to pure android tv devices, which are much more customizable, accept more apps, and have much more RAM and internal storage.

Thanks for that info. But I dont want a lot of apps. I keep it simple and just load what i will use.