Audio problems with MX Player

I use an external player (for obvious reasons) with BeeTV and FilmPlus. With MX player, about half of the RD streams have no audio (regular streams play fine). This happens on both apps. VLC player plays the audio fine but I prefer the navigation features of MX Player. This happens on multiple devices and just started a weeks or so ago. I have reset the firesticks to factory specs and re-installed everything but that was no help.

Anybody else having this issue?

I’d use vlc or Just player, best options.

I would but it has no navigation commands (FF, REW, etc) just pause and play.

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Try just player. And vlc does i just cant remember how to get em going.

Thanks. I’ll check out just player. Surprised at the issues with MX player.

Is this the stock mx or the pro mx from RAI. The Pro app in RAI has the missing codecs already installed. Not saying that’s what it is, just a possibility that I’ve encountered. I don’t use MX anymore as VLC has more abilities.

It’s the standard MX Player downloaded from the Amazon app store. I tried installing all of the video and audio codecs manually but no joy. The VLC download from the Amazon app store has zippo features (not even FF/REW) ??? Tha’t why I sopped using it. It play all the audio on those streams, though.

Very odd. My Vlc is a fully functional player, and can even download torrents and so on. Honestly don’t remember where I got the apk.

What device are you using vlc on.
Tapping on ☰ Menu > Settings
Going down to Extra Settings and selecting Video
Scrolling down to Controls and checking on/off Double tap to seek.
Seek Options
While we’re on the same page, the interface’s seek buttons (forward and rewind button we discussed above) can also be hidden.

Full Controls in VLC for Android


Go into settings on your VLV app and you can enable the FF/RW seek buttons to appear on your screen. Then you can adjust the “skip” from 1 -100 seconds. You can do the same with the long tap feature, too. Also, when you click on your home button to bring up the interface. You can click the up arrow/button to get on the stream navigation bar and use your left/right buttons to move the stream to any spot you wish.

Ah, son-of-a-… gun!

Got it!!!


Btw, MX has been known to have some audio issues in the past. I used to think MX was the better option, but over the years VLC has outpaced MX in just about everything.

I still have MX and will use it on occasion, but my go to for external players is VLC.


Glad you got it @sktn77a . I’m the same as @Powerfader I use to use mx pro all the time but found VLC to be more feature rich and gives me options other players don’t.


I quit using MX player a long time ago.

I have the very same problem on my fire stick an using RD.