Audio Passthrough Kodi v Stremio v?

I’m using Shield Pro and Stremio for some of my content. I have everything going through a Denon 3500x receiver (5.1 surround) to the tv.

I see links in Stremio saying DTS, 5.1, Atmos, etc. but my receiver only plays its own default setting. When I watch on other platforms it will change to DD+ and others so the issue isn’t my receiver.

Is Stremio not passing through the full audio codec to my Shield (I have all formats enabled via Shield settings)? Is there another app I should use (Kodi, Plex) that will give me the full audio from the file? OR is the filename incorrect in order to get clicks and I just have to deal with it?

I have a sneaking suspicion that the Stremio app just doesn’t passthrough all audio codecs kinda like the firestick.

Have you gone into the Stremio settings and enabled "Digital audio output ( passthrough)?

What the…is this a new setting? I’ve been through the settings a dozen times and never seen this. I just checked on my phone app and there it is. Jeez. Thank you for pointing out the most obvious solution in the world. I can NOT believe I missed that setting.

All good my friend. Everyone can get focused on a problem and miss something. That’s why we’re here, to help. I do hope it works better for you now as I’m a huge advocate of Stremio.
Have fun and STREAM ON.

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You may know this, but only links that support these codecs will play properly. It has to be uploaded in that audio format.

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Yes, I’m talking about file names like “title.bluray.DTS”. I understand that they can name it whatever they want but it’s a crap shoot sometimes if they actually created the file with DTS or not. Thx for the input.

Update: got home to check the settings. No pass-through option. Shield version (w/out) is 1.4.5. Phone version (with pass-through) is 1.4.23.

Navigate to the stremio download page via Downloader (thanks!) and install 1.4.23 on Shield. Pass-through option arrives!

Put on Uncharted labeled appropriately and avr shows DTS and all the glorious sounds envelop me in surroundy goodness. Now I wish I hadn’t already watched it in nerual-x…

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Excellent. My Stremio on the 4K Max is version 1.4.20
Tx for the update info. I am now updated to 1.4.23
Now I’ll have to go through all the settings and see what’s new or changed. Enjoy.

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