Audio: Kodi 19.4: uncompressed audio. Is true hd available

Kodi 19.4. System/Audio/passthrough: is “true HD” a choice

Are you still trying to get Atmos?

Yes uncompressed atmos ie true hd from Kodi. I do not have the,true hd,option under passthrough to select on Kodi 19.1. Do you have it. I think maybe my issue is the fire tv cube does not support uncompressed true hd so Kodi does not receive and instead Marantz interprets as Dolby plus.

Not sure if it gets TrueHD. I have only seen it come through as compressed. Are you using ARC for audio?.

No eARC. What version of Kodi are you. On ? Firetv. Do you have a true hd option on Kodi

I have Kodi 9.4 and am using a Firestick 4k max. In Kodi I don’t have an option for TrueHD. I have mine set to optimized. I have a Denon 760h.

Jayhawk knows quite abit about Kodi audio. Maybe he will chime in.

My understanding is Atmos is only compressed not uncompressed. TrueHD uses Lossless codecs so it to is compressed. I take back what i said about not getting TrueHD as I do get it with Atoms shows with Kodi 19.4

Thank you hg for sticking with this. So true hd is a codec and is lossless. Dolby plus is a codec but compressed or “lossy”. Both carry atmos which is meta data in the codecs. I believe when I select a RD movie off a blue ray that says true hd atmos I am getting Dolby plus atmos. I do not think I can get true hd ie lossless audio with Kodi 19.1 and Fire cube. Either both cannot get it or Firecube cannot and so Kodi cannot.

I guess my questions are 1) can 19.4 get lossless true hd. 2) if so, can 19.4 get it on a fire cube? 3) Can 19.4 get it on a Nvidia shield.
4) Can fire cube get lossless true hd?

The Fire Cube 2nd gen supports Dolby digital plus Atmos which is the standard lossy Atmos format used by any streaming apps that provide Atmos.

The Cube does not support the lossless TrueHD Atmos version. It’s not clear to me if this is a real hardware limitation or something Amazon has either blocked or not implemented.

It is my understanding that the 922x Amalogic chip used by the Cube does support HD formats of DTS and Dolby. And that licensing DTS and Dolby only apply if the device is decoding the codec, not if it’s passingthrough. So I’m not really sure why it can’t do this.

Thank you one question answered(as I thought.
Other questions: 1) does Kodi 19.4 support true hd? 2)if it does,can it work on a fire cube(which doesn’t support true hd. 3) if it does; does it work well with Nvidia Shield?

I do get TrueHD with Kodi 19.4. That is what my receiver indicates anyway. I know it sounds outstanding.

Kodi reports that all True HD issues in 19.4 on the Nvidia shield have been fixed.

Okay. Since Hg you get it with your fire stick and it 19.4 is good. Then if I go from 19.1 to 19.4 I should be good.

Thank you both. All questions answered.

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Oh Hg a question. When you say optimized what audio settings do you mean

True hd is only offered if the link you are playing is uploaded with truehd audio, kodi can play it.

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Right under the Number of channels is Output configuration. I have it set to Optimized.

Thank you so much for helping me figure it out.

I do not have the optimize option with 19.1. So based on your experience using the firetv 4K max and what I have discovered about 19.4 on this journey, my conclusion is when I upgrade to 19.4 I will get true hd on true hd material.

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Marble, I just read this about TrueHD and Amazon deviced:

Don’t know why on some programs, very few, I show TrueHD.
Now I am confused.