Audio issue when using CinemaHD with MX player

First off I have very few issues with this, but over the last couple nights with some shows/movies on CinemaHD, and using MX player, there’s no audio. When I open up the settings>Audio>Audio Track, it shows the audio track with “Disable” being active, but it doesn’t allow me to change to “Audio Track #1 - English.”
Any ideas on how to correct? Thanks!

Hey boiler…

U hv to change the codec, not the trak…

In MX. while playng vid, get the OS up & in top right youll c the codec (HW+ or HW), clik on it & change it & you should get audio (or u can set it permnt in settngs)
VLC is similar but i hvnt used in awhile


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I’ve always used HW+ codec with MX and not had any problems. So I need to change it to HW (or even SW?)?

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Please see this mega cinemahd troubleshooting guide.

correct C…

Theres a prob with certain 5.1 chnnl codecs that dont mesh with plyrs, i even c it creeping into tivimate, so hopefully the plyrs will progress with the media
(could also be a anti-p tactic)

hth… “_”

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