Att, uverse modem box 5286ac

Has anybody reconfigured the modem box for at&t, U-verse 5268 ac.

Hello, there’s 12 million AT&T U-verse boxes in the USA AT&T has 34% of Wireless service and nobody’s ever reconfigured a modem? WOW junk huh? :thinking:

On YouTube there’s two or three individuals speaking about how to reconfigure the AT&T modem, what I’m looking for is they all speak of a section that states “attack detection”. My modem does not have a section in it labeled attack detection. Has anybody ever come across this?
No help on utube.

Generally these company provided routers/modems offer little in the way of protection. Actually its the reverse. Within their own equipment they are in control and can monotor usage as they see fit. All good. If you are serious about privacy/security you should consider owning your own equipment that puts you in control of your data.

Yes I understand, but I have to use an AT&T modem for my internet. The reconfiguration was to improve the buffering. As far as routers I can hook up another router but that’s not my problem. The best I can get with my AT&T modem is $55 mbps. They had to come out and add another line. With a single line I was able to get only up to 25, they had to add another Broadband line to bring up to 55. I just found out that I may have Verizon Wi-Fi internet in the area so I don’t want to do too much improvements until I change my service. Other than that there’s no cable, no fiber, no other type of internet service in my area. Satellite internet is kind of pricey.

Is the buffering while on a vpn or is buffering without vpn?

No I really don’t have a buffering problem, I’m just doing a lot of experimenting with my IPTV service, TV mate recording, and the download. If I explain all that I get too long winded. Once I’m settled with my equipment then I’ll explain it in a draft later on. As far as usage, when I change from the 25 MB to 55 MB my usage went from 2 to 3 GB a day to 30 to 40 GB so I might have to check into that. I tried ipvanish and surshark, both are great. 3 yrs ago when I first tried to cut the cord, ipvanish would cut my 25 down to 12mbps. Today it doesnt change, I get the full 50 to 60.

Disabling Attack Detection is an advanced configuration under the firewall tab of the AT&T 2Wire Home Portal 3801HGV Gateway. This is the gateway that initially came with U-Verse FTTN service. When I upgraded to fiber, the gateway provided was the Pace 5268ac.

I installed pfSense on an old computer last year and configured the gateway as a passthrough. You will see some youtube videos that describe the process.

Correct me if I’m wrong but if you do a pass through an AT&T modem you’re only improving your router performance but you’re not going to get any faster download speeds. I guess I have the newer ATT modem which doesn’t come with the attack detection.

This is a topic for you to explore at your leisure. There’s a learning curve involved.

That’s okay I found another IPTV website that’s willing to answer my questions thanks anyways.

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