AT&T confirmed that a data breach impacted 73 million customers


31 Mar 24 Tomorrow’s news.
Did they have the winning loto numbers?

Did it occur that maybe it already is tomorrow where they live? Like Europe or someplace else on the other side of the world/IDL? :joy:

On a serious note… this will probably affect me. Since i use thier service. Waiting for the email/apology/free BS 1 year credt report/etc


I’m more worried about at& than credit reporting company

Thanks for laughing at my misery guys…:roll_eyes: with friends like you…blah blah blah :laughing:

I am hopeful i just missed the data breach but who knows. I only started using AT&T in 2019. :crossed_fingers:

@AJS1 not sure what you meant about worrying more about AT&T more than the credit reporting company. In these circumstances the company (AT&T in this case) usually gives a free year of credit monitoring. I call it bs because if something happens 5 years after the 1 year they arent on the hook. Not that they would ever be on the hook anyway. We’d need a major law suit to win against them. So they settle for the BS credit monitoring.

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I use at& for my email. I’m worried about my email getting hacked and my keystrokes being monitored and all my passwords to all my accounts been compromised that’s what I’m worried about. Yes I’m worried about identity theft but I always freeze that. I could never understand why I have to pay a reporting company credit reporting company not to put my stuff out on the public.

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How many customers do they have?

And yes , Lifelock already sent me a warning saying my info was compromised ! GGrrrrr .