AT&T 5G Air VPN problems

I recently changed from Optimum to AT&T 5G Air. Only problem I have is their system does not allow me to use a VPN. They apparently do on their Business program but not their Home program. I really would like to use a VPN. Does anyone know a way around this? Thank you for your time.

Put a VPN on any streaming device you’re using.

With AT&T 5G Air a VPN slows the speed down to almost nothing.

I’m not familiar with AT&T so without knowing the protocols they use or their infrastructure I can’t begin to guess why that is so. You could ask them what VPN they recommend or which one is compatible with their services. Also ask them which protocols they use. They may even have a tutorial for using a VPN on their service.
From my research it does seem that this is a known issue and the engineers are working on it. You may want to test all your UDP and TCP settings to see if anything helps.