AstonCine Down or Not Working?

App has been on my firestick forever but today not working. App opens but links don’t work and search can’t find anything. Deleted apk and now error message comes uo that is invalid url?

Any other valid working links to download?

Good day @AspenQn54 If you look for astoncine using the search function the answer is there.

I am having the same issue all of a sudden it just stopped working, uninstalled it and then reinstalled it but same problems. Was hoping someone knows what happened

I posted the answer. Click on it to read it.

Well to make things really strange, it still WORKS on my Android phone but not on the tv! Same versions on both but if you go into settings and change device type the phone version works on the tv but obviously unwatchable.

Go figure…

Ya it may work for a while but no more updates or maintenance. Losing so many good apps these days. Replacements will come and go.


Take a look here.