Are Torrent streams safe within Real Debris?

I use the Crew and just became a subscriber to Real Debris. Within the stream options that appear I notice that most are Torrents. I was under the understanding that Torrents are not the safest and I was wondering if this is not the case with the Torrents offered with Real Debris (i.e. that using Torrents in Real Debris should be safe). I use a VPN. BTW, are there any particular Torrent stream usually offered within Real Debris that you would recommend? Thank you for your time!

Yes, you are streaming them from a encrypted server with a vpn on. Nothing to worry about. downloading them is a different story and needs different attention.


Thank you so much for your prompt response TP-Dracoo, I really appreciate your time and effort. I have one more question: does the size of a file affect streaming - i.e. is buffering more likely with larger files compared to smaller files?

Yes, larger files do have an impact, but if your over 40 down speed you shouldn’t have any issues with streaming large files. Even with RD or without never do this without a vpn btw. Real debrid has an encrypted server but you want to protect your self from ISP that can read the app or apk you are using to get the data.

I will make sure to use our VPN, thanks again for your help! Have a great day/night.