Are there any devices that use 5G instead of WiF

Are there any devices that use 5G instead of WiFi? I have triple the speed w 5G vs wifi

New wifi cable modems have a 5g signal that is faster but shorter range…the speed increase is barely noticable in real life as wifi seems fast enough for tv streaming…I don’t know about HD Games though

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Well, there’s 5G(Hz) wifi and 5G cellular. I think the OP means 5G cellular.

Verizon has a 5G router for the home for anyone in their 5G coverage/future coverage. It states it will work with TVs, tablets, phones & gaming consoles. Bandwidth used is called C-band & that’s 3.7 - 4GHz range…so in between normal router’s 2.4 - 5+GHz. Prices look relatively reasonable…

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Just to be clear are you talking about 5g cell phone data or 2.4 5g or wifi 6?

I wish the cell companies would’ve come up with something other than the Generation acronym for their speeds/services…G already stood for gigahertz from day one…


Yes, I am asking about using 5G cell service instead of WiFi. My cell get triple the speed on speed test compared to using wifi.

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Then you should probably look into your internet plan and equipment.

You can turn your phone into a Hotspot, but I’d strongly suggest looking into your plan.

Well… The 5G home internet plan mentioned above is what you want. But I understand it’s only available in certain areas, regardless if you have 5G coverage on your phone or not.

There is another option that is much more complicated. You could buy a 5G modem and router and activate it on your phone plan. But the data used would count as hotspot data.

Unless… you go the not so legal route and change the IMEI on the modem to mimic a cell phone and change your TSL settings to trick the carrier into thinking you’re using regular unlimited data if your plan includes unlimited data.


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