Apps keep disappearing in Kodi

About two weeks ago I posted a tread about a problem I was having with Kodi addons disappearing from my 2019 Nvidia Sheild Pro . Every time I installed the addons they disappeared from one to two days later . At the time this was happening I was deleting my apps that were running in the back round by clicking my top right butten twice on my Nvidia Sheild remote . A week ago I insalled apps on my Kodi again an right after I did that I deleted all of the apps running in the back round then I opened Kodi again an all of my addons were deleted again so I reinstalled the addons again an this time I didn’t delet kodi running in the back round an now all my addon are still their . Now when I delete apps running in the back round I don’t delete kodi an the addon are staying disappearing . The funny thing about this is before I bought the Nvidia Sheild 19 I had a 17 model Sheild and when I deleted all the apps running in the back round " including Kodi " I didn’t loose any addons in Kodi . Anybody no why it’s happening in the 19 pro ?

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I’ve seen this issue before myself. Only thing I can recommend is setting a master password or something as simple as a 4 or 5 digit access code to not allow others tinkering with the setup. Kodi can auto update and make changes if given access. So not really knowing the cause here …just lock it down and see if the problem continues.

Settings/Interface/Master lock - Official Kodi Wiki


I dont see any means to doing that . I don’t have a famly at home that would mess with kodi . Just myself .

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