Apps downloaded but nothing working

I have downloaded Kraken with no problem. The various programs are displayed, but clicking on them does nothing. I have installed IPTV Smarters Pro, have selected various codes, but under each and every choice, the display reads “no program found”.

In essence, I can download any app but can’t get anything to work.

What am I doing wrong?

What device? What OS?

Hi Miki - Firestick 4K.

Ok. There are a couple of reasons I can think of. I assume this us a 4K Max. Make sure it isn’t plugged into the TV USB, but directly into a power outlet. Unplug the stick from the HDMI port and unplug the power. Wait for a couple of minutes and plug it back in. Wait fir a complete restart. Then see if anything works.

Interesting. The firestick is not plugged into anything. The stick is plugged into the TV HDMI port. There are only two items on my firestick: the little controller and the HDMI stick.

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean by the stick isn’t plugged into anything.

There are only two components to my firestick. The little black control unit. And the stick that is plugged into the back of my TV HDMI port. That’s all I have with the firestick. Should there be more?

You have the remote and the power plug and an HDMI extension. When doing a soft reset, you unplug it from the HDMI port and unplug the power.

And my IP Vanish VPN is slowing down the download speed to 4M. I understood IP Vanish is not supposed to slow down the download speed at all.

I am still confused about the power plug. are you referring the TV power plug? Sorry I sound so stupid.

4MBs down??? You won’t be able to stream or do much of anything with those speeds. Have you tried various settings and protocols in IPVanish?

No unplug the power for the stick.

Oh wow. I just looked at the stick and forgot it has a line plugged into power. Sorry - I totally forgot about that. OK you advised to unplug the stick from the power, and also unplug it from the HDMI port. Wait a few minutes and plug is all back as before. Will do, Miki.

Don’t know anything about IPVanish settings and/or protocols. Is there a manual? That VPN really throttles down my download speed.

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Hi Miki - I did that and nothing seemed to change. Still have “no programs found”. But a movie does appear, and it does not start at the beginning, and is very low resolution. I there any app where the movies begin when you select them? How does this all work?

The first and most important thing you need to address is your internet speed 4MBs down is no good. I wouldn’t even know how the stick can function let alone stream a movie. It gets it’s info updates, searches, sources and streams from the internet. So absolutely nothing I can help with without sufficient speed. What speed do you have without a VPN turned on?

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