Application not playing live tv

We use cubby web hosting and had to create new account. Now it won’t play live tv on fire stick 4K. When I run it on hotspot all works fine. Thought it was ISP but after 4 hrs on the phone with att it isn’t. I have a Roku that runs the app fine too. Any help would be great. I have already contacted Cubby. They reset account and I have factory reset fire stick. Scratching my head, contemplating switching to Roku exclusively. Which would mean 3 devices.

For those that use AT&T internet, they have made a change recently that affects IPTV connections. You will need the AT&T Home Manager app and navigate to App Preferences and toggle off the "Enable Security " setting. Hopefully this helps a lot of you

There is not that option on my smart home manager.

I have turned all options off though.

Chris fish around in here. That used to be the process and I give it to my customers so if you figure it please post for me. It won’t do many any good because I don’t use att and can’t troubleshoot the app.

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