Apple TV 4k as a streaming box for iptv

I searched and nothing substantial came up. I hope that I am not overstepping boundaries here. Having one of these boxes myself, and knowing the power that is behind the processor as tested by others, it would seem to be a natural fit to try streaming with these boxes.
I am aware of the lack of app support; as well as the inability to sideload. And also fewer services being compatable with ios. Including no ss vpn app.
But with that said, the untapped power of the processor, the size of storage up to 128 gb, and up to 4gb of ddr4 memory; these boxes seem to have unexplored potential.
Does anyone have any experience using an apple 4k tv box as a streamer for iptv?
I see that there are vpn apps, player apps, and at least one iptv service that I know of that works on ios.
Any feed back would be appreciated.

I don’t know about those boxes but what I do know is that you can no longer get stremio for IOS, rather a non functional version to see what’s on. This is why I avoid all Apple products even though I have a working old iPad Air. It serves a few functions, not many.

Apple boxes are for those who like to live in the apple eco-system. You can get a comparible android box for cord cutting purposes. I look at the apple as similar to roku, if you like the system they provide go for it. Not much help will be provided here tho as they are closed systems…for the most part.

Since ios does not have a ss app, I am going to have to do a month of some other vpn service. My iptv provider supports limited players in ios. I guess this whole thing is an adventure of sorts. So I think I`ll take the plunge and get back to you.

SS does support Apple products. Just look on their home page and download it.

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Thank you for your reply. SS does not have an app for appletv. They may have an app for their other devices (I don`t know) What they reference to is the ability to either set up a connection through smart DNS, (in which SS states that it does not encrypt your traffic or hide your ip address), it can be protected by installing SS on your router which I have done in the past but have experienced to many times where I wanted to disconnect from the router and found that it is a hassle. I would rather work on a device by device basis.

I paid for a different vpn for a month. Then I tried and sometimes bought different iptv player apps. Some of these apps are the best appletv apps for iptv based on user reviews and the amount of reviews. I have tried 6 so far. There is one app that simply didn`t work, or was not compatable with my iptv service. The rest worked and I could watch whatever I wanted without problem.

But it was functionality and ease of use that varied widely. Everything is compared to tivimate. I am working on finding one that does both recording and multiview. They all have an epg that I have used so far.

On a side note. For those who use multi-view… I have a tv that runs android and used SS, my iptv service, and the tivimate player to run a test. I was able to stream two windows at a time without problem. The third window stuttered and buffered.

Then I tried using the nvidia shield. I was able to get 9 windows without stuttering or buffering.

I was thinking of trying out apple tv esp the new one coming out soon as review shows better than shield. I note on the tivigate side they suggest using iplay tv or iptv streamers. And now u can add vpn so thats good. Just had enough of fire stick cubes etc