App to edit TS files?

Does anyone know of any apps that can take a TS video file from a Tivimate recording, allow it to be edited (for example remove ads) then write it out to another format like MP4 or MKV?

I would prefer something that I can run on a chromebook or an android app but I can use a PC if I have to.

Can anyone provide some insight into this? Thanks.

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HandBrake: Open Source Video Transcoder


Thanks @Miki . Do you have personal experience with any of these? I don’t see TS listed in any of these as a valid file format to edit.

Thanks @TXRon . Does this allow editting or does it just convert an entire file? Also, I don’t see TS listed as a valid file format to select.

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I havent used it in some time, but its free and highly rated

VLC player will convert as well

TS File: What Is TS File & How to Play & Convert TS Files

I don’t download or transcode any vids. I don’t see the need with on demand. I can watch all the ad free movies and TV series in Stremio.
So sorry I no longer do vid conversions. Now you’re trying to convert TS>Telesync to say MKV. I hope you realize that TS is literally somebodies cam plugged directly into a theaters AV system and is a very poor quality. Taking TS and converting it to say bluray will do nothing to improve quality.

TS in this case is recordings from Tivimate I have made. I can’t find some of these things to download as they are a little obscure. I know I can play them in VLC and I think MX Player, but I didn’t think either allowed me to edit the files and save them in another format.

I was just throwing this out there in the hopes someone had some quick pointers. Thanks for all the help.


I’ve used handbrake and would recommend.


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