APP or APK download from Canada Play Store

I live in the USA. In Google Play my main Google account is located in USA. I need to install an app/apk on my Pixel phone from Google Play Canada. The app version is only available in the Canada Play store, not USA Play. I’ve tried using secondary Google accounts to switch their account location to Canada. Even with VPN set to a Canadian server I cannot get the switch to work.

I can download the Canadian apk, but when I try to install it the installation is directed to Google Play USA and fails.

Anyone have any suggestions how to make this work?

Have you tried using something like apps2fire ? You can get the app on say your phone then send it to your stick. Both must be on the same network and your vpn off for the transfer.

Miki, I cannot get the Canadian version of the app to download to my US phone.

I get the Canadian APK to the phone but it forces me to use US Google Play to install; and US Play will not complete the installation.

Can you not get it with a browser using apkpure?

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In the past, I have managed to download an app or so from the USA store as I am in Canada. The app would not work. It said, wrong country and even VPN settings didn’t allow it. I need to think hard what is was, but it was for streaming USA content.

I downloaded the APK from APKPure using a browser on the phone. The APK is the Canadian version. When I then attempt to install the app from the APK on the phone using the APKPure Installer, it redirects me to Google Play US, which will not complete the installation.

Got to figure out a way to be directed to Google Play Canada to complete.

Further research - the “home” Google Play Store is the one corresponding to the billing address of the credit card used when you first set up the Play Store account.

Know anyone in living in Canada? If so, have them download and install the app/apk and send it to you. I’ve used the Send Anywhere app to send loaded apps to other states across the country.

I would think in sending an already installed app then you would be by-passing everything.

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What app is it? Post must be at least 20 characters

PapaS, thanks. I emailed you the details.

PapaS, I truly appreciate the lengths you’ve gone to to help me.

I was able to open and download 3 apk files from Proton to the Pixel phone. You’ll see them in the screenshot. Is this what you uploaded to Proton?

The Libre 2 now shows as an app in the Pixel app list. However it won’t open. Not sure what else to try. Same error when I load on a Samsung, which tells me there is a bug.

Wonder if Abbott Pharma deliberately inserted a bug to prevent us from transferring working apks??

BTW, where are you in Canada? My wife is a Winnipeger, we married in Toronto and moved to USA 25 years ago.

That’s the one. It downloaded as a zip file. Not sure how all this stuff works but I think I have to use es file explorer to install zip files or split files. Sorry it didn’t work for you. I’m halfway between Ottawa and Montreal hugging the US border. My sister’s in Toronto.

We lived in Montreal 4 years. Canadiens will always be my NHL team.

Thanks again for the help. We’ll be in Toronto in March. Will try to download there.

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Canadians? You mean the Leafs :rofl:

Wizzard, that’s funny. Lived in Toronto during the Ballard/Maple Laffs era. Never got to a cup final. And the way things have gone the past few seasons, they’ll lose again in 7 in 1st round this year. :face_vomiting:

Sadly yes but they are doing great now but come post season? Golfing by second round anyway. Last cup they won was 1967. I’ve always said I hope I’m alive to see another one so it seems I will live a very long time.

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