App legislation

“… prevent side loading” see below.
The groups, led by the American Principles Project, are urging senators to pass the Open App Markets Act, which bipartisan Sens. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn.; Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn.; and Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., introduced in August 2021.

The legislation aims to allow app developers to tell consumers about lower prices and competitive offers, prevent side loading, open opportunities for startup apps and third-party app stores and prevent app stores from taking advantage of developers.


Thanks for the info.

Cool, then I will just load them up on the computer. As mentioned before it’s all a control measure.

There is already closed box system that prevent side loading.

Government: You will do as you’re told and like it! lol

And now this from TDUK.

By techdoctoruk
January 30, 2022

With the latest firestick update, Amazon are now blocking my apps so we can’t block updates any more. We can’t clear the cache on the pre-installed applications from Amazon. How far will they go?


The " not being able to clear cache" was a coding error and has been resolved. A patch was released yesterday to address this and return the ability to clear Amazon app caches.


Well that’s a little bit of Good news.

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I think we shouldn’t worry what’s going to happens or talk in future pretenses. Until we can’t side load period on mainstream devices then we will figure it out.

We are not there yet and I don’t think that will be a thing for a bit as there is tons of ways to get around stuff.


I agree Dracoo. Worrying about what ifs will only drive you crazy, I deal with what is, it’s easier that way.


B-bu-but, what if the what is, is indeed the what if’s?

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In all honesty this is only going to drive apps abd stuff out of those markets and into private networks.

Government trying to get control over the app market isn’t a good thing. Many app developers who don’t want that will opt out. It’s going to cause a disaster in this market and drive everything into more dark and encrypted markets. Lol but that’s my theory on it. It’s already started. But it will take a long time to come to law and will have to go through other levels of court.

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Sounds to me that google and apple will have less control of what’s available in the respective stores and must allow more freedom to users to sideload, also a good thing. Am I missing something?

Interesting sentence in this story from today:
New rules could require them both to allow app side-loading — installing apps from non-sanctioned marketplaces — and alternative payment processing systems. Apple and Google [have argued vehemently against the bill …”
As opposed to the original quote in my original post which said:
"… prevent side loading…"
SO, will the real truth please stand up !
You cannot find any truth out there.
But seriously, which is correct???

Thanks for the update, see my reply to Miki below.

Whatever the conclusion its always screwed up when goverment gets involved…prices goes up…yada yada…follow the money :eyes:

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I guess time wil tell, them making Google and Apple give up monopoly to allow more side loading and apps is a good thing, however anything thr government does that wants to be apart off isn’t good, I feel this will be a double edge sword.

Odd that Google and Apple are named and not little brother Amazon. :crazy_face: :face_with_thermometer: :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Yes I found that interesting, Amazon not mentioned.
Anyway I agree with others, Big Brother should stay out of the App business.
It works just fine as is for me.


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