App Installer link

I have been trying to get the 1,000 free secret apps -I keep putting my email, but I am not receiving an email with a link. I just got a firestick and would like to add apps to it. I have downloader. I had a link and have lost it.



Thanks-I have sent off about 5 times! I don’t get any response on my email-have also checked spam.

There is no app per se’. It’s about being able to access apps through the various app stores he has listed in the Toolbox.

The Toolbox is a webpage where you can download some apps TP has there. You can save the webpage to your favorites in Downloader for easier access to that website

Here is the link,


Hello, two reasons why you won’t receive this.

  1. You already registered for it in the past.

  2. The email address that you’re using is being blocked at the server level and flagged as spam.

I will send you a PM with the link for the guide.

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