App Cache on external drive

Hi guys. I’m having a strange issue I can’t seem to find any information online about.

Let’s change that for the untrained who want to become masters!

I followed Troy’s guide to adding apps from the firestick onto an external usb using an OTG cable.

All seems great. Some apps I notice don’t run as fast, most apps don’t install that fast, but overall I’ll put the apps I don’t use on there, except for a few that I would imagine may start taking up large amounts of space.

For instance, I have both BeeTV and Stremio on my external storage.

Here’s where the problem begins.

  1. When I click on manage apps to clear cache at the end of the night, I notice that 90% of the apps I have on my external drive do not have any cache at all. Only data. BeeTV seems to be the exception where I can still clear the cache from it, but all other apps just grow in data and do not accumulate cache at all!

Is there a reason to this? A way to fix it?
Does using ABD remote somehow help with this? I’ll learn what I have to regarding ADB so I can fix this if that is the culprit.

Please guys I’m at a wits end.

Sighhhh. The only way around all this is to the get the 16 GB firestick with the built in Alexa. Otherwise it just seems like I’m gonna run out of room every week. And what’s most crazy is I don’t have that many apps downloaded and installed. I’ve cleared apks and such.
Should I be worried?

Also quick side questions -

  1. Stremio volume is so low. Even with real Debrid and Orion premium. Any way to fix that?

  2. speaking of which, if I were to search on these apps for a movie or show it comes up with 5000 results when I only need the first 10 only. Is there a way to lesson the amount of links that are shown per app? I only want the premium ones I paid for I don’t wanna wait and sit for 10000 sources to search for the file when I only need 1.

Thanks again guys!

Yes, you can limit the size, amount, and quality of the links…at least I can using Syncler+.

In Stremio you can always uninstall add-ons, especially if you find that one particular add-on is supplying you enough sources. The sound issue is a head scratcher. How is your Stick connected? You could try audio passthrough in the settings and you could choose to always start videos in the external player. I set things to auto in the decoder but you could choose to try another setting in there as well. Not sure if those suggestions would help as I don’t have a low volume issue. My sound runs through an optical cable from the TV to my soundbar. On the Firestick in audio settings I have it on Auto, but again there are options you could play with.


My man. Thank you for the suggestion. I just plugged in my optic cable from tv to sound bar it to my sound bar and it’s way louder.

Any thing about the external drive cache stuff?

What about places the crew? I signed up to Debrid but I search something and it takes forever for all the results to show

Thanks again

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Sorry, I don’t use external as I keep my firestick loaded only with what, for me, is absolutely necessary and I don’t do recording as any VOD I want is readily available when I want. My 4K Max still running FireTV (PS7255/2465)
kodi with Mad Titan and Open Wizard
Remote ADB Shell
Ola TV
MX Player Pro
VPN Safety Dot
With this setup I still have 2.54 GB free which allows me plenty of space when running apps. I add/remove things like Troy’s RAI as needed. Cleanup done every night before going to bed.


Thank you for taking the time to write that my g

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