APKTime Not Downloading APPS

In the past week APKTime has stopped downloading APPS.
Regardless of the APP, when I click download it sits at 0% for ever.
I know it’s not my Firesticks as I tried it on several that used to work+ my Chromebook (in Developer Mode).
I can side load the APPS by downloading the individual APPS from the developer’s websites.
It’s almost as though there is a single server run by APKTime that hosts the APPS and it’s down?

Any suggestions?

First thing I would do is clear out the cache and restart the FireStick. If that didn’t work, I’d try reinstalling APKTime… Beyond that, I’m sorry, I’m not sure. While I really like that app for installs, it has been an odd duck lately; I’ve had no trouble downloading, but what happens to me is sometimes the ‘New’ section won’t let me scroll beyond the first one or two entries, like it gets stuck or something. But, it usually resolves itself in a day or two. I hope your issue will, too. Merry Christmas! :grin:

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