Apks kodi and real debrid

I have kodi with venom and siren. I also use cinema all with a real debrid account. (Paid)

I’m not really having issues unless thr content isn’t out or if it’s just in theaters.

My question is what is the best setup with real debrid. I see mixing results.

Kodi with addons
And beatv.
(I have all the apps tried them all with real debrid)

Links are great as long as there is a version out somewhere. If it’s just unreleased or in threaters good luck.

Is syncler better than cinema? I’m using my andriod box as well.

Imho the best setup for real debrid is any app that will allow you to register and use real debrid for additional source links.

I agree with you. As long as you can integrate real debrid I guess it don’t matter.

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