APKs and PC- windows

Are there any Updated ways to download apks, google play store, on Windows 10 PC besides Bluestacks? Specifically interested in being able to have an apk installer like Downloader, etc. Is there a way to utilize ES File Explorer for this…or something of the like that is compatible ? Thanks!


They are ways but for newcomers your best option is bluestacks.

Guide here.

Hello @beachismyreligion thanks for being a Patron! New Windows 11 allows this type of thing out of the box. I will be releasing tutorial soon. How to sideload Android apps on Windows 11 without Insider program

I believe all Windows 10 users will be able to update for free to Windows 11.

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That’s actually fantastic news. Didn’t think about upgrading my computer.

Might just for that. That is when I get a desk, it’s currently sitting half built on the ground.

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@TROYPOINT Haha! I just came from registering for the 11 upgrade page, but didn’t want to do it via Insider program… and that prompted me to come on the advisor to ask this question. Awesome, looking forward to the tutorial! Thanks

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@TP-Dracoo, not a newcomer to the cord-cutting world…but new to joining TP Advisor. Back in 2016 when my family cut the cord, my teacher, @TROYPOINT, hadn’t yet developed this awesome resource site. If you have any tips besides the one I’m not interested in (the one you replied), Try me on. If too complicated, then prob not due to lack of knowledge, thanks to my teacher… but more like a waste of good time trying to configure. Thanks

Lol. IMHO there’s no such thing as a waste of time configuring. Do it. Brake it. Fix it, and enjoy. Back in the day in the windows development program they would ask us to break stuff and then have us send the logs and detailed instructions on how we did it. For me it was fun. But you take someone like @Powerfader now there’s a guy that will sink his teeth into something until he’s rung every ounce of fun out of it just to do things others can’t or haven’t yet.



I didn’t mean offense, I ment if not knowledgeable on apks for windows the best option is bkuestacks with troypoints guide.

Sounds like windows 11 will make it easier.

I just wanted you to have the best and easiest solution.

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Ok, so I’m a little OCD. It’s something to do and I find it all fascinating! lol

So not all systems are going to benefit from the update. The processor in my laptop doesn’t seem to have the “umph” necessary to benefit from doing it. Either that, or I’m being informed of that just to get me to upgrade to a new system :angry:


Well no not all. I just ment for emulating apks.

I never upgraded windows until I saw major improvement, problem was the more they change add the more resources it took up so older systems to a massive hit. I wouldn’t upgrade to 11 on a older machine.

I still have xp on my one. Aha.

All is good, no worries here about what you said. In fact it never occurred to me to think about it in those terms, so I learned something today.
I have another laptop with xp too.
Thought about switching to Linux, but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth it. My main laptop will still be supported for another 4-5 years, so I have some time.

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