APK Real Debrid and Subtitles

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so the first issue i have is that while using real-debrid for the past month out of 10 links whether for a movie or tv series maybe one or two links are correct and if correct there is no sound …

the other issue is that no add-on on kodi 19.4 finds subtitles like when for a movie i tap on “download subtitle” it shows a “No subtitle services installed” …

as always your help is always appreciated …

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jaime javier

For the sound issue, hit the settings icon (lower right hand corner) and go to ‘audio settings’.
Go down to ‘Allow passthrough’. If it’s ‘on’ turn it off. If it’s off turn it ‘on’. While you’re in Audio settings, you can adjust the volume by oing down to "Volume amplification’.

Hit return on your remote. Go down to ‘subtitle settings’.
A lot of the links for the newer shows will have subtitles embedded in them. If there are embedded subs, you won’t need Open subtitles for that show.
Switch ‘Enable subtitles’ on.
The 3rd item down on this screen will show if subtitles are embedded in the link. If not you can always try another link.

Jaime, I can’t tell if your subtitle question ever got resolved.
If it didn’t -

  1. go to
    How To Get Kodi Subtitles on Any Kodi Device in 2022

  2. Also, you need to activate subtitles in the setup for Kodi (kodi will pass it into the build.)
    You will need to use Kodi setup/Interface - to get to the kodi apk setup for subtitles.

  3. It’s apparent you already know how to get them to display once the source is set up.

I had this vanish on me about 4 months ago, so I asked the same question as you.
Let me know if this doesn’t work out for you. If you are logging in to UK for BBCiPlayer you will need to get to the setup within iPlayer to activate the subtitles for the player. It uses a different source, but all you need to do is activate subtitles.

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