Anyway to install yahoo sports app

Anyone know how to load yahoo sports on firestick or install on kodi?

Yes. Get a yahoo account.
Sideload it with the downloader. Log in, set your faves, use the hamburger and then you can easily figure it from there. Have fun

I have side-loaded yahoo sports in many versions onto my firestick 2nd gen (model LY73PR) but to no avail ! Non seem to work properly . All either fail the install and will not open or the graphics are a mess when app is opened. Any ideas on a version of Yahoo sports that will work properly with this firestick version model LY73PR ? Thanks


I gave you a link to a working apk. I have personally tested it and it works just fine. Yes you’ll need Mouse Toggle to help use it, or a mini keyboard or the fire tv remote app on your phone

Thanks for the prompt reply but I don’t see a link to the APK you mentioned. Can you please clarify?
I was able to find the mouse toggle app and fire tv remote app, just not the mentioned APK.


Remove the brackets

Thanks. I will try it out.

OK I installed the Yahoo Sports v6.0.3 along with mouse toggle app and it now works on my 2nd gen Firestick.
I tried connecting a Bluetooth mini keyboard to the Fire stick but couldnt get it to recognize and link up.
The mouse toggle app is kinda finicky but it does work and allow use of the yahoo sports app.
I am very thankful for the info and support.
Thanks Miki

Just curious, but why did you decide to download it? What do you use the app for on a TV?

Watching sports. Good feeds. No buffering. Setup your fave teams. Yet another free sports app. An additional source.

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Works really good for NFL games. That is what I mainly use it for.

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So I got it installed last night. What version do you have to watch the games on? I don’t see the watch icon. Just has play by play.

I installed the Yahoo Sports v6.0.3 per the link along with mouse toggle app and it now works on my 2nd gen Firestick. BUT the app doesn’t support watching live games. It only seems to support scores and writen play by play action. Anyone know of a different version that supports actual live viewing with his 2nd gen firestick (model LY73PR)? Or can provide info on what I need to do to make this Sports version play live feeds? Thanks

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I went to apk mirror dot com and did a search for yahoo sports. I got like version 7.1.3 something like that. It had 2 versions to download. I choose the one that said a7m something like that. The a8m will not work. I tried 2 different versions like that. They work. Only issue I have is that it is not a smooth play. The video skips, not buffer. Maybe yours will work better. I tried with and without vpn. Also I can’t get location to work. Maybe you will have better luck or figure it out for the both of us.
Let me know

I deleted the Yahoo Sports v6.0.3 and installed the v7.10.2. (armeabi-v7a No-DPI). I had tried using other higher numbered Yahoo Sports versions but they don’t display properly. The 7.10.2 is working good. You definitely need the mouse toggle app to navigate properly in the Yahoo Sports app, though for me it is something that takes getting used to doing.
We watched live NFL games today with no issues. Pretty happy at this point.


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