Anyone using T-mobile home internet?

I use T-mobile and was wondering who else uses it. They may know some work arounds I dont and vise versa.


this was discussed some time back with lotsa yays and nays…But I hear its pretty good when setup right.

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I used it for about 4-5 weeks and the one thing that I found out was that the best place for the gateway didn’t turn out to be at the highest point of our house…it was in our walkout basement.

The reason that I had to change back to a cable ISP is because the reception at our location was very unreliable. If that wasn’t the case, I’d still be with t-mobile.


I’ve been using it since it was in beta. If they get the double NAT issue taken care of when using any other router in addition to the trash can, I wouldn’t have any complaints.

I have my streaming devices connected directly to t-mobile modem and everything else going through my mesh network. VPN works better when connected directly to modem.

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I have the T Mobile 5g home internet. I live in a condo facing south so I’m limited on locations as far as windows. I can o ly get a weak signal but it’s enough to stream on 2 TVs at the same time. Before t mobile we had the dreaded Cox cable for internet. Their speeds were good but their service wasn’t solid . Day and night the internet would drop out for a few minutes then come back on over and over. Cox tech support sucked . I even bought a new 32 channel gateway and still has issues with it going in and out . I’d rather pay 50 bucks a month for t mobile. It may not be as fast but it’s solid and we can stream on w TVs at once without interruption day and night

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I use it. Only have two bars (calls it “weak” signal).

Honestly, close to 200 megabyte down consistently; faster than I was paying twice the cable company for. Had T-Mobile home Internet since December ‘21. It rocks. I do keep the device sitting on an old Targus usb powered laptop cooling stand; I’ve only completely lost signal once, and restarting the device resolved the issue.


I have good signal and speed. Just dont like the double nat with my mesh network.

I have used t-mobile internet for about 8 months now and I too have a weak signal (on the trash can) but my least mbps are around 90 and sometimes runs to 350. Uploads go from 25 to 45. I had a cable internet for years, but speeds were low and data was low but the price was high. Tmobile drops sometimes, and it is irritating, but the slow high priced one did too. I like my steady per month payment too.

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I wish that I could have stayed with it.
My problem is that I’m in a small city with a lot of hilly terrain.

Small city means that there are only two 5G towers in the vicinty near the interstate and the LTE towers are very much biased toward the downtown. The 5G data is pretty well soaked up during commuting & traveling hours by passing drivers. Plus, there is very little incentive for T-mobile to expand their 5G service.

The closest 5G tower is literally 0.8 miles away, but the terrain interfers and the available data swings wildly when the signal is available.

I live in a rural area. The tower is about two miles to the south of me, but a guy on the tmobile site said I got good reception because there was probably nothing but cotton fields between me and the tower. Soybeans, but he was close.

Yeah. I’ve heard the double NAT issue. But don’t run servers at home anymore, all my home automation is cloud-based which avoids needing double NAT workarounds.

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