Anyone here use the Walmart ONN TV box, not the stick?

I’ve been using this ONN TV box now for about 3 weeks and it seems to work just as well if not beter than my firestick. I will admit tho that some APKs that I’ve loaded do not show up on the App menu. I have to jumpt thru a couple of hoops to get to them, but they load allright. Just wondering how popular this unit might be witth we chosen enlightened ones. For $30 I think it’s a pretty good deal and no, I have no affiliation with Walmart. Buyin this unit was the first time I’ve been in the store in months.


i was curious about this as well. the box, not the stick. i’ve read the onn stick is very under powered.

for $30, i am tempted to purchase it as a travel unit and load it full of my typical apk’s i run on my other 2 android tv devices.

i did read that there was an android update pushed to the onn android tv devices that was supposed to smooth out a lot of the hiccups the devices were having.

i think i’ll get one and try my hand at it.

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I can reccomend that purchase. I used the URL link to load the Troypoint app and put some of those on the ONN device. The box is much better than the stick. As I said, some of those APKs, Sterix, BeeTV and a few others do not appear on the apps menu but if you go to settings and apps, ask to see alll installed apps. They will be there and you can run them from there. Other than that, it works quite well. As soon as you plug it in the first time, it will update and then update the remote. Voice remote works well. You won’t be sorry.

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@N3TQV Hey I seen you were dealing with your side loaded apps not showing, I’ve had the same problem, you may want to try Sideload Launcher, you can get it for your box straight from the play store. It shows up just like a regular app, when you open it it’ll display all of your apps in one place, no fuss about it. I recommend it for anyone with sideloaded apps that just won’t show up in the regular apps section. Also, I can vouch for the Onn box, but springing extra for an Ematic Jetstream AGT419 might be worth it too.


Thanx, man!! I’ve seen this app and thought it would be rather redundant but now I understand the usage for it. I’ll give it a shot and if this ol’ brain remembers, I’ll post back on how it works. And as for the Jetstream, I’m googulatin’ it as we speak. Thanx for the tip.

73 de N3TQV

Dude for not much more you can also score a Mecool KM3, also Google certified. Troy did a review on it and it looks to be a winner MECOOL KM3 Review - Unbiased Review with Both Good & Bad
Reason I gotta mention it is that you’ll find an Ematic Jetstream goes for 70-80 bucks depending on where you get it, I’ve seen the Mecool go for 85 on Amazon. For the extra you pay on an KM3 you’ll get 8 times more ROM (64GB vs 8GB) double the RAM (4GB vs 2GB), Android 10 vs Android 9 and an Amlogic 905x2 vs the Amlogic 905x, all advantages of the KM3. Sorry for the long response lol hope this helps!!

I purchased this small box right after it was available from Walmart. It was called Dynalink at that time. I have found it is very functional. I have just some of the basic apps installed. Like the other commenters, some apps do not show in the app menu. This is frustrating, but easily worked around. If you are looking for a low cost android tv box, this is worth the investment.

Very good box. I’ve used sideload launcher for my apps that do not show on the home screen. Overall I’m very impressed. I’ve been using the Xiaomi mibox s and I’ve also used mecool products also. And I think this device is just as good and I love the remote that comes with it

just wanted to inform everyone, these ONN android boxes are on sale @ for only $19.88 currently.

i just purchased one today. we’ll see how well she does. i plan on loading it up with everything i’ve been learning from Troy and using it as a travel device.

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received my ONN android box last night. got it setup with my 2 favorite IPTV services, Cinema HD, Tea Tv, ipvanish, Kodi, vpn safety dot, and many other Troypoint favorites.

great performing device. doesn’t miss a lick, operates smoother than my other 2 main android tv devices.

great little device for $19.88

thinking about another one as a gift for the parents

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So lemme ask ya then, did you buy it ‘in store’ or did you get it mail order from the Internet?? Just wondering if I can go to my local WallyWorld and get it for this price. And is it the ‘box’ and not the ‘stick’? I heard the stick is anemic and the box is well worth the added price. Just wonderin’…

73 de N3Tqv

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OK so I Downloaded this and installed it and it works great!! All the apps I’ve installed show up! Kudos to you and yours, sir for your assistance. I’ll slay the next dragon in your honor.
73 de N3TQV

my local walmart has the onn box listed in stock. i ordered mine online and got it within 3 days.

i have heard the same thing about the stick not being worth it. so i opted for the onn box instead.

it was almost $30.00, so when i seen it was under $20, i jumped on the deal.

I have 4 of them now and I replaced all my other devices.I own most all streaming devices under $50.Its my favorite now( except for no expanding storage)

i have a micro USB adapter that has a usb type A female input incorporated into it. that way, you plug the power into the adapter, power goes out to the device, but in the middle is a usb port for storage or other pc peripherals like a wireless keyboard / mouse combo.

here is the link to my adapter i purchased.

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I got it two days ago works good put my apps and using wolf launcher and I Velcro it to the back of tv :+1:t3:

Just throwng in my 2 cents here:) I was in wallyworld and they had the onn sticks for under $15…so I picked up a couple to test drive. All I put on them is Tivimate and SDmaid. Kept it simple and very surprised at the performance. Not bad at all for a cheap streamer. I keep one in service on another TV and the other at my desk all tuned up ready for service:)… when a complaint comes in to the service desk I just swap sticks.

edit…its been a week so far and havent swappped them out yet


The Onn UHD box works great. $20 at Walmart is a great deal. As good or better than my 4K Fire sticks. I’ve loaded everything on it my Cube runs without issue. 3 weeks with no hiccups.

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