Any website to import an EPG?

This is a weird question … but, since I can scroll through a website with my mouse/keyboard faster than I can with a TV remote on a player.

Are there any web-based sites that enable a user to take an existing epg and import it to the site to create a customized view (similar to a website like tvguide or zap2it or titantv?) I am not necessarily looking for an iptv player (although - if web-based I woldn’'t be opposed). I really just want to see a web-based epg (so I can scroll faster, as I do with TitanTV, etc.)

dig through here and see. Good epg’s are illusive without a paid iptv provider.

epg for iptv - Web Search

No - I have the epg (and I have the iptv).

I’m looking to take the existing epg and bring it to a web-based solution :slight_smile:

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not sure, you might be able to come up with something here, free registration

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Ha! smile …

That’s where I’m getting my generated epg from already.

So - let me ask this instead then

Is there a good web-based (or Windows-based) FREE player where you can import an m3u and epg and see a robust, easily searchable guide?

:eyes: you lost me at windows based. Havent used a windows pc since xp :thinking:

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Miki is a epg guru but ever since he got a new streamer I dont think hes came back down from orbit :alien:


Yeah - it does seem like everythig is Android based (and that’s fine) - but I can scroll so much faster on a PC.

It doesn’t have to be Windows-based though - my ideal would be web-based (but that seems even harder to find).

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I paid for and they are terrible, github free had more then they do,

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I don’t need the epg – I already have the file. I’m just looking for a website (or Windows app/program) to view that file.

This topic is most confusing imho. I presently have 28 EPGs and that’s more than enough to populate the 6 Playlists I use. Not sure what more anyone wants. Free playlists and EPGs are everywhere.

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If you have a playlist and want to view it, then use the notepad. There are all sorts of apps for vewing EPGs or m3u lists.

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Miki - how can I PM you (or you me?) I don’t think I’m going a great job explaining what I have / want …

As one Canadian to a soon-to-be Canadian :slight_smile:

Click on my icon and send a message.

I was tryng to do that - I don’t see an option to send you a message :frowning:

It just lists “summary” “activity” and “badges” … Do I have to be a member for a certain amount of time to be able to do that? (am I able to just give you my email addy here?)

In short, here’s what I’m doing:

I subscribe to a service – it’s irrelevant what it is.

Obviously, I use an iptv player to view my shows on my tv.

However, when I had cable, I used to use sites like TitanTV and TV Guide; and I’ve grown accustomed to scrolling through a guide online (more than on my TV).

So, I have taken the epg from my service; run it through m3u4u to get a more streamlined list of channels for me; and now I want to view that epg; but not on my TV (although it’ll be there too, obviously). I want to be able to access it through my laptop (either through a website or an application) and see what’s on and when …

That necessitates me being able to import my existing/altered epg into a service however; and – it doesn’t look like many exist. I love the robustness of TitanTV, for example … good luck finding that GUI anywhere else. :frowning:

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is this what you want an epg of?

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I have the epg already

I want it to look like that :slight_smile:

why not just create a shortcut on the desktop and be done. You would have an always updated live copy.

I’d love to - but I cannot get the epg from my TV player to appear on my desktop.

In other words, I have a file – it’s a generated epg stored at a URL. I can enter that m3u and/or epg into the iptv player and view on my tv.

But, if I want to just scroll to a site (or an app) and say, “OK, what’s on now?” – there’s no way for me to do that. :frowning:

And, certainly not one with the bells and whistles that TitanTV has, for example, where movies and sports are color-coded, etc.

I don’t want their epg; I want them to host mine. Is that a clearer explanation?