Any tips on how to stop buffering?

Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated. Thanks Guys!

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  1. is use an IP blocker like Ipvanish
  2. Get a RealDebrid account
  3. Clear your cache every now and then
    Those are some of the things im pretty sure somebody can maybe add in to it. RealDebrid does not work for iptv services! Hope it all works out!
    You can definitely find some amazing things on this troypoint app! These people here are great!
  1. Use an IPTV service that doesn’t skimp on servers.
  2. Use a good quality VPN service with good speeds to keep your IP from throttling your streaming and monitoring what you are watching.
  3. Use a strong dual band wi fi router that maintains a strong signal with your streaming device. (Check your speed tester on Troypoint app. Should get at least 25 - 35 mps at a minimum)
  4. Get an android tv box (android OS 6.0 or higher) with a fast processor and at least 4gb of RAM with 32gb of internal memory.

Thanks Bill for your sage assistance. I’m using ExpressVPN and am only getting 10+ download speed on my Amazon 4K stick. I have added 128gig Scan Disk per Troy’s instructions. Does ExpressVPN prevent IP throttling I have Comcast/Infinity? I also have IPVanish.

I have a Real Debrid account plus I have IPVanish and ExpressVPN. Do you know if ExpressVPN blocks IP? When you say “Clean Cache” do you mean Setting, Manage application and clear cache? Or should I be doing something else??? Thank You for your help.

Im not sure about expressvpn, but ipvanish does work blocking your ip address, that’s what I’ve been using for years now and never had a problem with them, some people don’t like ipvanish for their own reasons. I can’t speak on Expressvpn, because I’ve never used them. Also Yes on the clearing cache. I learn new stuff all the time from these amazing cord cutters in here!!

Thanks for your response. :+1:

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Your vpn should prevent throttling of speed by your IP. Sounds like your wi fi is slow. Might be your router unless your Internet is slow to begin with. I assisted a friend recently who was getting 10 - 13 mbs from a combo modum/router he was leasing from his internet provider. He ended up buying a separate modum and dual band router and now has 80 to 100 mbs speed which is more than adequate for streaming hd sources.


Thank You for your response.

One more thing, sometimes internet cables outside the home are damaged by rodents, etc. and cut signal strength, resulting in fluctuating speeds and buffering while streaming. In that case, call out your internet provider to troubleshoot and repair your cable connection.

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Does anyone use anything besides IPVanish? My 2 year renewal time is approaching fast.

Express VPN. I switched last November after several service connection cutoffs on IPVanish and have been impressed with the speed and reliability of the service. It automatically looks for the fastest connection. I was in Hawaii in August and used it to stream on my android device with no issues, even with a NewYork server.

My biggest concern per ipvanish has always been no kill switch on fire devices. I contacted ipvanish a couple of times about this and was told it wasn’t a high priority for them. I’ve been using Troy’s vpndafetydot app and it works ok but you still have to be your own kill switch if ipvanish goes down. I’ve walked out of the room a couple of times while using streamio (torrents) only to return and find ipvanish disconnected. Not good. Does expressvpn’s kill switch work on fire devices? Vyprvpn definitely has a kill switch for fire devices and they’re currently running a special $45 for a year. 5 simultaneous devices.

Just read the fine print per vyprvpn and torrenting…they allow it but if they’re contacted by a copyright holder after your vyprvpn ip address was detected, your account will be suspended. That’s a deal breaker for me

I have also noticed that IPVanish drops signal quite often. I was even notified by my internet provider that it’s illegal to download copyrighted material. I need something better than that.

I tried ExpressVPN and it did nothing but buffer everything I watched so I ditched it. Anything else good? Plus all I ever get even with Real Debrid is the bullshit Russian Gambling Ads plastered across my TV screen. Is there a way to eliminate this? *** Thanks guys for all your sage advice.

What are you streaming with when these ads show up? And can you give an example of a movie and/or tv program you’re trying to watch when this happens?

When ever I utilize Cinema I get the Russian Gambling ads all over my screen. So annoying.

Cinema has been giving me problems for some time now. I watch a program to its completion or decide to back out and I get a white screen. Frozen, have to hit the home key on my fire tv 4k to get out. And the only way to get cinema up again is to clear data or reinstall. It doesn’t do this every single time I use it but once this happens, it’s out of commission. I go to its clone unlockmytv and this never happens. So I’m not seeing Russian ads but something is not right with cinema. Today, I cleared data per cinema for a fresh start, went to a program that keeps sending me to a white screen but did not login to real debrid and was able to to maneuver into and out of cinema with no issues. I logged into real debrid and the same white out problem returned. I cleared data again, no more problems, relogged into real debrid, problems returned.

I googled a bit and apparently this Russian ad thing is happening to lots of other internet users who are picking up Russian adware/malware while downloading 3rd party apps off the internet. Since cinema relies on ads, I wonder if somehow their ad generation process is being corrupted. I use Malwarebytes on my laptop to prevent unwanted ads and browser hijacking. Before Malwarebytes, I had ongoing problems with adware, just like these Russian gambling ads.

I have Malwarebytes on my computer but not my Fire TV.