Any advantage for adding Orion in addtion to RD?

It’s been awhile since I’ve looked at Orion. I signed up for a free account a long time ago, but almost never use it because RD nearly always works.

So Orion offers a $9/yr sub. What advantage, if any, would there be in addition to RD?

Once in awhile Orion will have a 4k link where RD won’t.

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The free Orion is a no brainer, but is pretty limited in how much link-pulling it offers. I have a paid sub, and am 75/25 in favor of renewing it. Is it 100% needed, not really. But, why not? It is either very cheap or free and adds an extra link source.


That’s kind of what I was thinking AMD.
$9 for a year is not much.

Actually, I find Orion free a waste of time. Rarely get any links but get lots of errors.


It works fine and does pull links until you run out. If you get 1 stream you already won…since it is free.

After being curious about Orion, I paid for sub 1-2 months ago. After playing around with having it supplement RD, I find its worth to be marginal.

I pull a small handful of Orion links on certain titles here and there. In most cases, I typically play a RD source before an Orion source gets scraped, and that’s assuming one was even to be found. The Orion sources that I did play worked as well as any good RD source. I was hoping there would be more sources consistently.

That being said, I’m likely going to transition over to Orion free when my sub is up. True, $9 is relatively cheap - but I feel it would be better vested into purchasing more RD months or extending Syncler+.


It usually runs out of links for me on the first search. I haven’t yet found an Orion stream that didn’t already have lots of RD/Torrentio links.

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I would change your link setting to very low so it doesn’t pull them all on one search. It doesn’t hurt to have free, I also said I was 75/25 if I was going to continue to pay for it. I like it, but not terribly necessary with RD and/or stremio.

I have had free for years but I think in that time I haven’t used even 1 link. I get enough now.


How many apks does it take to scrape one feed? ONE!

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Real Debrid is enough.


9 bucks a year is a good deal, in Canada not so good :confused:

And don’t forget roughly 10 in taxes on top of that🤷

No what I meant was that when I used to watch on Kodi I would get 30 feeds. But I only needed watch one that worked!

Can ya shoot me a link in how to set up orion w / RD Please


No absolutely none!


Thanx so much

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