Another senior moment

While getting ready for the premier event of High Speed Internet at our home I’ve discovered that Homelander on one tv appears as Homelander Scrapers and on another tv just as Homelander. Did I do an install incorrectly or is it the same add-on? Thanks again.

Do they both work? If so don’t mess with them, you must have done them right. If they don’t work then wipe it and reinstall.

This may sounds nuts but I haven’t run either of them. I have internet speed of less than 2 MBS and only a certain amount for the entire month. I’m just getting ready by trying to set the tv’s up. I can’t even start the vpn until the new service starts.

Seriously doubt anything will work with only 2 mb service. The lowest I’ve been able to go is 5 mbs. That’s pushing it.