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Is Protonmail still working and is this a good service?

I use protonmail free and it’s never let me down yet.

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I pay for protonmail and its great. Its where I went when I decided to leave gmail. Great calender app and storage also.


Works great, i use it when i need to.

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I do as well…I love it.


Thank you for the insight. It is asking me to complete 4 steps. Is this the right thing to do?

  • Import contacts or emails
  • Send a message
  • Set up a recovery method
  • Get mobile app

Complete all steps and get a total of 1 GB on your account

I would think contacts, emails and mobile app are not required but nice.

I use it and it’s very reliable. Swiss protection

Been using about 6 months and I think it’s great. Only using free version btw.

PM is great being using then for 4 years or so…It’s my main email correspondence

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